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About Us – Regardless of the nature and size of your company. Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions can help you meet your goals for growth and development.

As one of the leading creative agency that is focusing in media and IT projects in Abu Dhabi, UAE we believe in delivering excellence in the field of media and IT including corporate branding, web and SEO development, email advertising, E-commerce, hosting & domain name, social media, mobile development, and training services.

Our staff has years of expertise in Media, Branding, Technology, Marketing and Internet Solutions which are defined solutions for overcoming the barriers that stand in the way of our clients’ success. With our knowledge and expertise, we will create customised strategies and plans that will help you maximise your strengths, take advantage of your competitor’s weakness and ultimately give you an edge in your market. We use our business perceptive to provide our clients with a higher repossession on investment.

Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions was founded to give companies a highly effective solutions that achieve real results and an aim to maintain long-term relationships and success with our clients. In our region, Qeemah means “Quality,” and that’s precisely what we deliver to every client with which we can provide business ideas for a global reach.

Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions has a fresh perspective on Internet marketing, branding and technology. Our enthusiasm allows us to take full ownership of our clients’ projects, and we take great pleasure in helping our customers see by-products. We know how to think outside the box and develop unique solutions for better outcome.

We maintain regular business relationship with our customers thus both can benefit with the advancement. Contact us today and learn more about how our quality solutions can benefit your organisation.


At Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions, we deliver quality services that produce real results for businesses of all sizes.

With our expertise, experience, creativity and enthusiasm, we can develop customized strategies to help your company become more efficient, highly recognizable and ultimately more profitable. Some of the solutions that we can use to help you reach your goals include:

branding & Print Design
Branding & Print Design

Your corporate identity is your company’s image and influences how potential customers and the general public view your organization. We can help you develop a brand identity that will appeal to your target markets as well as advertising strategies to reach out to these individuals. Qeemah focuses on designing simple, yet effective on visualization. From designing your logo to creating online and print-based ads, Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions can assist with all aspects of marketing and brand promotion. So if you are looking for a someone who can do your identity that has the ability to drive traffic, contact us for any queries related to branding and printing and we are enthusiastic to help you.

Web Development
Web Design & Development

Having a website is vital to attracting new business and building your reputation in any industry. At Qeemah, we can help you develop a website that is engaging, professional and useful to current and prospective customers. Our creative team will develop your site with your input and then put the design into action to get you online. We continue to find other avenues searching for best web solutions and always remain to deliver what client expects.

eCommerce Solutions
eCommerce Solutions

Whether you have a brick and mortar store and wish to expand your business to online sales or are an entrepreneur hoping to launch a standalone eCommerce business, Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions can help. Online businesses can help you in your business to stay up to date and to get more complete orders. We create user-friendly, attractive online markets that lead to sales. Call us and make a worthwhile investment!

Social Media Services
Social Media Services

Social media helps get your business on track. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn can all contribute to the success of your company by promoting your brand, attracting new customers and strengthening relationships with existing clients. We can help you establish social media accounts on all the major sites and handle daily posts for you to help you reap results. By this method you can get back links, traffic which are mostly free or with minimal cost.

Email & SMS Marketing
Email & M-Marketing

Staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis helps to encourage repeat business and improves customer retention. With Qeemah we can help you promote your products and services through the power of email and SMS marketing services.

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Your website simply can’t be effective if you don’t have a reliable server that is operating smoothly when visitors try to access it. You can trust Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions to provide you with reliable web hosting services to ensure that your site is always operational.

Qeemah Integrated Media Solutions provides all of our services in customized packages at competitive rates. Because of our commitment to quality, we deliver results that other consulting services simply cannot boast. Contact us today to learn more about how we can put our solutions to work for your success.

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